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Physical Fitness Tip of the Week:
Eat to Compete

Wednesday, June 17, 1998

By Gregory "Graig" White
SJSports Physical Fitness Advisor

In this day and age of athletes looking to gain an edge over the competition, amino-acid supplements have become a big part of many athletes' training protocols. Aminos have been marketed as high tech supplements that are better than the ones commonly found in the foods we eat.

What are amino acids you may ask? Aminos are the individual building blocks of protein. Several amino acids joined together make a protein. Different combinations of aminos result in different proteins. More than 20 different aminos are used to make all the proteins the body requires. The body can produce all but eight aminos on its own. These amino acids are essential and are supplied by foods rich in proteins such as eggs, milk and meat.
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High School Softball:
Edgewood Struggles in '98 But Shows Potential For Next Season

Tuesday, June 16, 1998

By Pam Gargano
SJSports Student Correspondent

This year, the Edgewood softball team has improved tremendously from last season.

Led by captains Megan Henhaffer, Mandie Walker, and Michael-Lin Tronco, the girls were a lot more competitive. Winning only one game last year, they managed to turn around and win 4 this year with a very young team.
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South Jersey Modified League:
Keeping the Game Alive

Friday, June 11, 1998

By Nick Straguzzi
SJSports SJML Correspondent

What pops into your head when someone mentions "men's softball"? Huge guys taking massive swings at lob balls? Final scores that resemble football games? A keg of beer on each bench? And if that someone then says, "no, fastpitch softball", do you think of high school girls in ponytails?

If you were in the vicinity of Laurel Springs Park on Saturday June 13th, you'd best keep those thoughts to yourself. The top men's fastpitch players of the area took the field around 7:30 PM for the 20th annual All-Star Game of the South Jersey Modified Fastpitch League (SJML). It's the culmination of an evening's worth of events that honors not only a league, but a tradition.
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