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Thursday, August 5, 1999

By Dr. Dean Insana, D.C.

As an athlete, are you concerned with enhancing your performance and preventing injury? If you're like most athletes, you'll want to be at the "top of your game" for as long as you can. An increasing number of professional athletes, as well as professional and Olympic coaches agree, chiropractic is an important part of their teams "competitive edge". Athletes such as Jerry Rice, Chris Carter, Barry Bonds, Evander Holyfield, Tiger Woods, Al Unser Jr. and Joe Montana realize the importance of chiropractic care in increasing athletic performance and preventing injuries.

How does chiropractic create a "competitive edge"? Much like a high performance racecar, the human body must also be in proper alignment to operate at its peak performance.

How can this happen? Regular chiropractic care keeps the body functioning at optimal capacity by maintaining proper spinal alignment that helps to eliminate the biomechanical and musculokeletal factors that often lead to an injury.

How can this happen? Chiropractic care lets the athlete focus on his/her "mental game" by reducing or eliminating the physical problems that would an athlete's performance. Remember, the mind is much better able to perform at extraordinary level when the body is feeling great as well. Chiropractic physicians, along with many other experts, strongly believe that the mind and body are directly connected and must work together for superior athletic performance. More and more we are realizing the important and necessary role chiropractors play in the success of an athlete's superior performance by maintaining that "competive edge".

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