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Tuesday, December 4, 2001

By Coach Derryk Sellers
SJSports Staff Writer

To the Public School Football Champions crowned this past weekend, I would like to send a congratulations to all those who won South Jersey Championships.

Group 1:   Paulsboro
To Coach Howard, you deserve all the accolades that are bestowed upon you. You are truly one of the best coaches in not just South Jersey but all of New Jersey. The things you have done with the program are unparalleled anywhere. I saw your team first hand and when we played I knew it would be a difficult task to overtake your team. Congrats and good luck next year.

Group 2:   Kingsway
Tony Barchuk, you have paid your dues. You deserve the credit now for taking your team to the top. Kingsway should feel fortunate to have a good coach like yourself at the helm of their football program.

Group 3:   Woodrow Wilson
Mike McBride, you have always been hungry to be a good coach. Well my friend you have made it. You have done an outstanding job of sticking to what you believe in. You didn't change when things went bad last year. You stuck to the plan. I know sometimes it seemed like you wouldn't make it, but you hung in there. Great Job!! You should look back on this year and admire the job you have done.

Group 4:   Jackson
Reggie Lawrence, I consider you one of the best young coaches in the game. Not only that, you have very good common sense. You should send Barnes a thank you card :). You had the foresight to come in there and not make wholesale changes and it has worked. You have spread your magic on that program. Jackson should be proud because you have done an outstanding job. Congrats.

Coach of the Year:   Ty Belford, Willingboro
This is a sentimental pick, sorry. Coach Belford has been a class act ever since I first met him. Runner ups- Glenn Howard (Paulsboro), Mike McBride (Woodrow Wilson), Reggie Lawrence (Jackson).

Team of the Year:   Without a doubt, Woodrow Wilson 12-0.

Player of the Year:   Malek Brown (Woodrow Wilson), a very dominating player on both sides of the ball.

This has been a great season. Next year promises to be even better. Let's just hope I have to vote for my team as team of the year next year. Thanks to all the questions I received this year. Keep them coming.

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