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Wednesday, April 3, 2002

By Boog Williams
SJSports Staff Writer

When I started this article, I wanted to let the students give a thank you to people that have helped them along in their lives. They were very humble and truthful with their answers. If you are an Athlete attending a college or university, please click on the link below to answer the questionnaire.

Sean Geary will be attending Richard Stockton College, the defending Division III NCAA Champions, to play soccer. Some of the other colleges/universities that he visited were Lock Haven, Villanova, Lafayette, and Colgate. He is not receiving any scholarship to play soccer. When asked why did you pick Stockton? Sean said, "Unfortunately I didn't have the grades for Major universities and also I wanted my parents to watch me play and I like how it is close to home." Talking to his high school coach, Coach Wence, he said at the teams end of the year party, "Sean gave an emotional speech to the under classmates that I lost a lot of money by not working my best in my classes." Sean would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to his mother and father for making me strive for my goals and never letting me quit. Also he would like to say thanks you to my brothers for the inspiration and support especially during the last couple of years.

Ben Drane will be attending the University of Pennsylvania to play Sprint Football. Ben said, "That he didn't receive any scholarship for sports, but is getting academic scholarships and grants to attend U of P." The only school that Ben visited was the University of Pennsylvania. I selected the U of P because, I applied early decision, was accepted, it is an Ivy league school, the location is close to home. I'd like to give a THANK YOU to my mom, dad, sister, family, friends, Coach Sellers (former Edgewood, Lindenwold and ask a football coach) and Coach Angerstein

Stephon Thompson will be attending Gloucester County College so far. When asked if he received any scholarships? He said "no, not at the moment". Stephon had a great year as a wrestler and will be on one of the top track team this spring. He has visited the University of North Carolina A&T. I selected Gloucester County because they have an excellent wrestling program and it is close to home. There are a lot of people to say THANK YOU to because I appreciate all their support, but I would like to thanks my mom and dad for enduring the struggling points of my career.

Joe Banks will attend Drexel University to play soccer. Joe said "I received about 2/3 of a scholarship for athletics and academics". Some of the other schools that I visited were Lafayette, University of Delaware, Stockton, and Rowan. I picked Drexel because of its co-op program. Out of all the schools I know Drexel would help the most for abating a job. The offer from the coach helped a lot. When asked who he would like to say Thank You too, Joe said. "First of all with out my parents I would not be the person I'm today. My soccer club coach, Matt Driver, has helped me with many college connections. My high school coaches, Cuneo and Wence have been great role models as well. Mainly everyone that has influenced my life in a positive way deserves thanks. So THANK YOU to ALL."

Ian Simmons will be attending Rider University to play soccer. He will be receiving $8,500 for academics and $9,265 for soccer. He also visited Rollins College in Florida, Delaware University, and Muhlenber College. I selected Rider because it was close to home and it is a great opportunity to play Division I soccer on a scholarship. When asked who he would like to say THANK YOU to? "My parents for their support. My club soccer coach, Matt Driver, for his help in getting me an opportunity and my high school coach, Ron Wence, for four great years of soccer."

Alexis Switenko will be attending Syracuse University on a full softball scholarship. Alexis also played basketball and tennis during her high school days at Edgewood/Winslow High School. Alexis also visited VA Tech, UConn, U of Pitt, Penn St., Villanova, James Madison, U of Maryland, and St. Joes. "I picked Syracuse because it has great academics, along with a big softball program in the Big East Conference. It was a good fit for me." Alexis would like to thank her parents for always taking her to softball and all over for the visits. My softball coach Rich Roessrer and his wife Joanne. They were 100% behind me during the whole college process and helped me in many ways.

Michael Ocbo will be attending Drexel University on a $25,000 academic scholarship. Michael played soccer. He also visited Lehigh University, Rutgers University, Widener University, and University of Delaware. Why did you pick Drexel? "The price, including my scholarship, was reasonable, the school's reputation for my major was great, and proximity to my house. I wanna thank my original coach from U-12, Cliff Simmons, also Ken Simmons, and Matt Driver who helped with meeting college coaches and lastly Coach Ron Wence for his coaching during high school."

We at would love to here from the Athletes of South Jersey on were they will be attending college or university next year. Click here to fill in a questionnaire.

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