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Athlete Spotlight:
Edgewood's Emerging Star Alexis Switenko

Tuesday, July 27, 1999

By Lucas Blatherwick
SJSports Special Correspondent

1st Team all Conference, 1st Team all Group 4, three varsity letters and a batting average in the 450's. Not bad for a freshman. huh? And that's just softball. This athlete also excels in tennis (1st Singles), and basketball (Varsity). She was also named "Freshman Of the Year" by the Philadelphia Inquirer. As one might surmise from these credentials, Alexis Switenko is taking the South Jersey high school scene by storm.

This impressive young woman is without a doubt a very bright spot for Edgewood. No doubt the coaches are wondering just how much potential this young lady has. They need not worry. Alexis has been playing softball since she was about 5 years old. This helps explain her skill level, and the fact that she can play shortstop, second base and pitch, all with confidence and ease. She also has some basketball experience, but suprisingly, she is basically new to competitive tennis. What numbers cannot express is the total confidence she exudes when asked about her abilities. How about having a goal of getting twelve varsity letters in high school? It is not a stretch to think that Alexis will achieve this goal, and many others before she is finished.

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