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South Jersey Baseball and Softball:
BTAA Opening Day Of Many Games

Saturday, April 24, 1999

By Boog Williams
SJSports Staff Writer

On Saturday, the Berlin Township Athletic Association opened their season of baseball and softball. The rain from the night before pushed opening day games back one hour on two of the three fields, and 2 1/2 hours on the major league field. The coaches and AA members worked to get the fields ready for play. The day was sunny, but breezy, as the players, parents, families, and friends made their way to the fields at the John F. Kennedy school in West Berlin. The games started at 10 a.m. and lasted through 8 p.m.

The first two games of the day were a Tee-ball game and a minor league girl's softball game. The Tee-ball game matched the tie-dye team against the red team. The minor league girl's softball had the white with black pinstripes vs. the white with blue pinstripes. The last game of opening day, the major league boy's baseball, matched the blue team vs. the gray team.

The tee-ball league is made up of 4 teams, all from Berlin Township. The rookie girl's softball league is made up of 6 teams. Two teams are from Berlin Township, 2 from Berlin Boro, and 2 from Clementon. The minor league girl's softball is made up of 5 teams, with 2 teams from Berlin Township. The township has only one major league girl's softball team, which mostly plays other townships. The minor league boy's baseball is made up of 4 teams, all from the township. The major league boy's baseball is made up of 3 teams from the township and one from Chesilhurst.

Photos by Boog Williams

BTAA Rookie Girl's Softball

BTAARoo175thumb.jpg BTAARoo180thumb.jpg BTAARoo181thumb.jpg BTAARoo182thumb.jpg BTAARoo183thumb.jpg BTAARoo184thumb.jpg BTAARoo185thumb.jpg BTAARoo186thumb.jpg BTAARoo187thumb.jpg BTAARoo189thumb.jpg BTAARoo190thumb.jpg BTAARoo192thumb.jpg BTAARoo193thumb.jpg BTAARoo194thumb.jpg BTAARoo214thumb.jpg

BTAA Minor League Girl's Softball

BTAASof158thumb.jpg BTAASof159thumb.jpg BTAASof160thumb.jpg BTAASof162thumb.jpg BTAASof163thumb.jpg BTAASof165thumb.jpg BTAASof166thumb.jpg BTAASof167thumb.jpg BTAASof169thumb.jpg BTAASof170thumb.jpg BTAASof171thumb.jpg BTAASof218thumb.jpg BTAASof221thumb.jpg BTAASof223thumb.jpg

BTAA Tee-Ball

BTAATee147thumb.jpg BTAATee148thumb.jpg BTAATee149thumb.jpg BTAATee150thumb.jpg BTAATee153thumb.jpg BTAATee154thumb.jpg BTAATee156thumb.jpg BTAATee172thumb.jpg BTAATee173thumb.jpg BTAATee174thumb.jpg

BTAA Minor League Boy's Baseball

BTAAMin176thumb.jpg BTAAMin177thumb.jpg BTAAMin188thumb.jpg BTAAMin195thumb.jpg BTAAMin197thumb.jpg BTAAMin198thumb.jpg BTAAMin199thumb.jpg BTAAMin200thumb.jpg BTAAMin202thumb.jpg BTAAMin203thumb.jpg BTAAMin224thumb.jpg BTAAMin225thumb.jpg BTAAMin226thumb.jpg BTAAMin227thumb.jpg BTAAMin229thumb.jpg BTAAMin230thumb.jpg BTAAMin232thumb.jpg

BTAA Major League Boy's Baseball

BTAAMaj205thumb.jpg BTAAMaj206thumb.jpg BTAAMaj207thumb.jpg BTAAMaj209thumb.jpg BTAAMaj212thumb.jpg BTAAMaj213thumb.jpg BTAAMaj215thumb.jpg BTAAMaj217thumb.jpg BTAAMaj234thumb.jpg BTAAMaj237thumb.jpg BTAAMaj239thumb.jpg BTAAMaj240thumb.jpg BTAAMaj242thumb.jpg BTAAMaj243thumb.jpg BTAAMaj244thumb.jpg BTAAMaj248thumb.jpg BTAAMaj252thumb.jpg BTAAMaj255thumb.jpg

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