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South Jersey Baseball History:
Who is Charlie Schick?

Sunday, May 16, 1999

By Mike Costantino
SJSports Staff Writer

When my editor asked me if I would interview Charlie Schick, a baseball enthusiast who has lived and breathed South Jersey baseball for over thirty years, having never heard of Charlie Schick before I was not sure what to expect. What I found was a guy who not only can tell you that it was a South Jersey resident that scored the first run ever scored in the National League but also tell you who was the leading hitter on Shawnee's 1985 baseball team.

We met at Schick's house one recent Saturday afternoon in a room that was wall to wall baseball, with pictures of Schick with numerous major leaguers including Jim Fregosi, football great Roger Staubach and former Sixer Hersey Hawkins. As a member of the South Jersey Baseball Historical Society, Schick oversees the rewarding of baseball scholarships to high school athletes.


With credentials that expand throughout Southern New Jersey, one would expect a lot from a player who actual faced one off Jim Palmer's fast balls. Schick is the author of "The Best, The First & The Most Interesting of South Jersey Baseball", "The Carpenter Cup and South Jersey", "The Diamond Classic The Best of the Best", "The First 25 Years of all South Jersey Baseball", "The State of South Jersey Baseball", "A Day's Walk Through South Jersey Baseball" and is the Founder of the South Jersey Baseball Historical Society. He has written countless other articles for magazines like the Baseball History Magazine, Bishop Eustace Prep Baseball Yearbook, Cherokee High Baseball Yearbook and Sports Line Monthly paper to name a few.

Schick is a one man scouting system, as over the years he has kept track of all the local South Jersey kids from all the area high schools and is constantly fielding calls from scouts for his data. Schick was a pretty good first baseman as well and just recently stopped playing. One of his highlights was getting a game-winning hit off hall of famer Jim Palmer in an alumni game.

As for his favorite players, Schick said "being left-handed, Rich Ashburn and Curt Simmons are two of my favorites and I also enjoy Scott Rolen and Curt Schilling".

Moving forward, Schick has agreed to provide us with his expertise and has contributed articles such as "The Perfect Game", "All-Time Sluggers" and the upcoming "Dateline" articles for South Jersey Sports Online. I'm sure you will find him as interesting as I did.

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