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Event Spotlight:
Two Firsts, Visiting Yankee Stadium and a Phillies Win

Monday, July 10, 2000

By Mike Costantino
SJSports Staff Writer

Having been to Wrigley field and Camden yards a few times, the opportunity to take in a game at historic Yankee stadium and watch our beloved (or is it beleaguered) Phils play seemed to be the perfect reason to take a day off from work. Add in a morning round of golf and you have my definition of a perfect day. Making the trek up the turnpike is a boring ride and takes about two hours, depending on traffic and going into New York around 5:00 PM there is always congestion.

My friend Lefty drove myself along with Ed and my son-in-law. Scott and we arrived at the Stadium at 5:30, just as the gates were opening. The first place we wanted to see was Monument Park, for those unfamiliar with Yankee history, in centerfield there are plaques honoring former Yankee greats. To visit Monument Park you must enter gate two and the ushers will point you to a line that forms up the ramps. Don't get discouraged if the line stretches up three levels, as did ours, the line moves quickly and in an orderly fashion. The crowd control reminded me of standing in line for a Disney ride, as they only let a certain amount of people through and are very conscious of not letting people sneak ahead.

Walking around and seeing plaques of Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle and DiMaggio is something every baseball fan should enjoy at least once. After taking numerous pictures we went to our seats which were directly behind home plate, but about eight rows from the top of the stadium. Despite being in the nosebleeds, it was still a great view and also the Phillies first ever win 10-8, at Yankee Stadium. As for the parking, you have two choices, either pay $14 at a few lots within walking distance, or there is a parking garage right next to the Stadium for $7. If you park in the garage, I recommend leaving a little early as it could take an hour to exit. But if you get the chance baseball history is only two-hours away.

Photos by Mike Costantino

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