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South Jersey Basketball:
Opening Night of BTAA PeeWee Basketball

Friday, January 29, 1999

By Gina Jarrell
SJSports Special Correspondent

The first game for BTAA PeeWee Basketball saw Team 1, the Maroon Team play Team 3, The Purple Vikings. The final score was 8-10 in favor of the Vikings. Both teams played well. For the Maroon Team, R. Sheehan scored 4 points, J. Schantz scored 2 points, and T. Bruckner scored 2 points. M. Sparks had a great game. For the Purple Vikings, B. Harvey scored 4 points, L. Buffington scored 4 points, and L. Phelps scored 2 points. C. Barbour had 2 rebounds and showed some good passing as well as A. Lemm and J. Gardner. A special thank you to Coach Barbara for her great "Ref-ing". The kids learned a lot from her.

The second game with a score of 26-24 saw Team 2, the Golden Retrievers, play Team 4, the Orange Tigers. JC Brecker scored 10 points; S. Howard scored 4 points; J. Brecker scored 4 points; J. Strain scored 4 points; A. Munson scored 2 points; and G. Brooks scored 2 points for the Retrievers. For the Tigers, K. Laganella scored 8 points; C. Johnson scored 4 points; D. Law scored 4 points; S. Viereck scored 4 points; and C. Smith scored 4 points. It was a very exciting game with the players showing both great offensive and defensive plays.

Photos by Boog Williams

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