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South Jersey Basketball:
Friday Night Fun For BTAA PeeWee Basketball

Friday, February 5, 1999

By Gina Jarrell
SJSports Special Correspondent

BTAA PeeWee Basketball had fun Friday night. The first game opened with the the Maroon Devils vs. the Purple Vikings. The final score was 10-20. For the Devils, J. Schantz scored 6 points, M. Sparks scored 2 points and R. Sheehan scored 2 points. For the Purple Vikings, M. Gollotto had a great game with 8 points. Also scoring was J. Gollotto, 4 points; L. Buffington, 6 points; and J. Gardner, 2 points. A great time was had by all.

The second game of the evening saw the Golden Retrievers play the Orange Tigers. The final score was 20-12. For the Retrievers, JC Brecker had 4 points; A. Munson, 4 points; M. Primas, 6 points; G. Brooks, 2 points; and S. Howard, 4 points. For the Tigers, M. Foster scored 2 points; C. Johnson, 2 points; M. Dotts, 4 points; D. Magazzu, 2 points; and C. Smith, 2 points.

Look out 76'ers, the BTAA PeeWee's are on your trail.

Photos by Gina Jarrell and Boog Williams

BTAAGJ4thumb.jpg BTAAGJ3thumb.jpg BTAAGJ1thumb.jpg BTAAGJ2thumb.jpg BBBTAA291Fthumb.jpg BBBTAA292Fthumb.jpg BBBTAA293Fthumb.jpg BBBTAA321Fthumb.jpg BBBTAA324Fthumb.jpg BBBTAA322Fthumb.jpg BBBTAA318Fthumb.jpg BBBTAA314Fthumb.jpg BBBTAA312Fthumb.jpg BBBTAA310Fthumb.jpg BBBTAA309Fthumb.jpg BBBTAA305Fthumb.jpg BBBTAA304Fthumb.jpg BBBTAA302Fthumb.jpg BBBTAA301Fthumb.jpg BBBTAA300Fthumb.jpg BBBTAA296Fthumb.jpg BBBTAA295Fthumb.jpg

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