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South Jersey Basketball:
Friday Night Excitement With BTAA PeeWees

Friday, February 12, 1999

By Gina Jarrell
SJSports Special Correspondent

BTAA PeeWee Basketball played another exciting one on Friday. The first gamed opened Friday with the Maroon Devils vs the Purple Vikings. The final score was 22-12. For the Devils, J. Schantz scored 4 points, T. Bruckner scored 2 points; P. Caruso scored 2 points and A. Marone scored 2 points. For the Purple Vikings, J. Gollotto had a great game with 10 points. Also scoring was L. Buffington 4 points; D. Maista 4 points; C. Borbour 2 points and A. Jarrell making the final basket in the last 20 seconds of the game. A great time was had by all.

The second game of the evening saw the Golden Retrievers play the Orange Tigers. The final score was 22-14. For the Retrievers, JC Brecker had 6 points; J. Brecker 2 points; M. Primas 4 points; J. Strian 2 points; S. Howard 4 points; L. Strain 2 points; and A. Munson 2 points. For the Tigers, D. Law scored 2 points; K. Laganella 4 points; D. Magazzu 2 points; S. Lemm 2 points; and S. Viereck 2 points.

Photos by Gina Jarrell & Boog Williams

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