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South Jersey Basketball:
Seagulls Sink Washington

Sunday, June 4, 2000

By Gregory "Graig" White
SJSports Staff Writer

On the day when the Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trailblazers were fighting it out in game seven, the Atlantic City Seagulls and Washington Congressionals of the USBL were gettin' it on. Throughout the game, the Seagulls played with an intensity that was noticeable from the open tip. Raphael Edwards was a man amongst boys. He went over, around and on a couple of occasions through defenders with impunity. On his way to a box score that was pretty decent, he finished with 28 points 10 rebounds and 6 assists. The man truly came to play. It would be easy to think that on this day it was a one-man operation, but there were several guys that played major parts in the victory. Coming off the bench in the first quarter, for instance, was Reggie Welch who provided a much-needed spark when it was needed. You have guys like Lamarr Greer, who had everyone in attendance reaching for umbrellas, because he was raining shots from all over the court. He finished with a game high 35. K'Zell Wesson also did his part in controlling the tempo of the game by getting tough rebounds when they were needed.

The Congressionals were led Antonio Dean's 33 point nine-rebound performance. The best way to describe his performance was gritty. Antonio not only played the well, he was kind of busy telling everyone within earshot how well he was playing. Washington shot 44% from the field and the thing that really did them in was the fact that they shot 56% from the foul line, shooting like that doesn't win too many places. On the other hand the Seagulls shot 49% from the floor, and 82% from the line. Shooting and playing defense like they did, it was a wonder that the game came down to the final minutes.

The fourth quarter was amazing. It was the beginning of the end for Washington. Larry Johnson of the Seagulls took full advantage of the fact that he was consistently left open for shots that were easily drained. The Seagulls jumped out to a 12 point lead and put it in to cruise control. The two teams traded baskets for most of the quarter and at the end of most games the fouls shots pretty much decide it. The final was 108-102. "It was a tough one today," said Reggie Welch. "This was our third win in a row, and with the playoffs not too far down the road, we're playing good ball at the right time." I couldn't agree more, and for the three time champions of the USBL, things can only get better.

Photos by Art Redd

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