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Rutgers Camden's Lady Raptors Honored Again

Friday, October 27, 2006

By Hugh Tsung
SJSports Special Correspondent

On May of 2006, the Rutgers University softball team made history and the university community proud for winning the 2006 NCAA Division III softball title. It was the first time in Rutgers history that an athletic team won national championship. While the Team was formally crowned the title, there were still some awards to pass. Each player was not given her well-deserved New Jersey Athletic Conference Title Trophies.

Wednesday October 18, there was once again a celebration. This time on the heart of the Rutgers Camden Campus during the free period where all students can come and witness each softball player receive her long awaited trophy. To help draw the student crowd, ballpark snacks were served such as hot dogs and Cracker Jacks. Students who were just focused on their schoolwork or daily campus activities gathered around to witness a moment telling them how proud they should be of their school and its athletics, increasing a sense of school spirit in a supposedly quiet commuter college.

Speeches were made first by athletic director Jeff Dean, then assistant Provost Cal Maradonna, and then Provost Roger Dennis. All three echoed the honor of the Softball Team’s success in the season and hopes that the team as well as the other athletic teams of Rutgers University can do the same. Head Coach Carl Taylor and assistant coaches Celeste Chinappi, Michelle Hughes, and Megan Johnson were also called in to be honored. It was yet another moment for the elite team to be proud of their accomplishments not only for the Rutgers Camden Community, but also to the University-wide Community as a whole.

Photos by Hugh Tsung

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