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South Jersey Youth Football:
Spotlight on the Minutemen (Unlimited Division)

Saturday, August 23, 2003

By John Marcucci
SJSports Special Correspondent

Preparing for the upcoming season, the Minutemen had their second scrimmage at the Washington Twp. Football Complex against the Patriots. This scrimmage is an annual festive event called "The Mayors Cup"; all weight classes from 70lbs. to the unlimited division were represented in a football extravaganza, attended by many families, friends and residents.

Just before the game, team pictures were taken, as our players were pumped and ready for kick off. The Patriots were no match for the Minutemen, it was the last game of the day and well worth waiting for. Action started with the Patriots receiving the ball, our defense headed by coach Leon Pirillo held the Patriots to short yardage where they were forced to give up the ball.

The offense took the field, after only one series of play the backfield started to jell. Keith Schrump took the Minutemen 40 yards to score the first touchdown of the game.

When the Patriots got the ball our defense took over again forcing them to fumble. In the second possession the speed of the backfield and quarterback Kyle Nolan's play calling coached by John Dunbar, put the Minutemen in position for the speed of running back Vincent Marcucci and a 16-yard touchdown run. Marcucci also had the third touchdown of the game set up by the blocking of fullback Anthony Astorga, whom also had key yardage in the game.

Head coach Anthony Astorga seemed to have the Minutemen firing on all cylinders. Assistant coaches Pat Healey and Denny McGrail should be pleased at the performance by the offensive and defensive lines. Final score 19-0.

Well, if excitement is what you want and you're looking for some good solid football, next scrimmage is at Williamstown High School Monday Aug. 25th, 6:00 PM.

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