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Monday, August 25, 2003

By John Marcucci
SJSports Special Correspondent

This was the third scrimmage for our Washington Twp. Minutemen, not to far from home the Minutemen went up against the Monroe Twp. Braves. Another controlled scrimmage by the coaches that was beneficial for both teams before the season begins.

The Braves definitely had the size but the Minutemen had the speed. Our Offence and defense of line consisting of: #98 Remel McInnis, #73 Tajh Rogers, #55 Matt Bruno, #33 Dan Hearn, #66 Denny McGrail, #99 Ed McGuire, #65 Max Giorgi, and #80 Fran Maxwell, beat the Braves of the snap almost every time, causing pressure on their quarterback and forcing him to make hasty decisions and broken plays. When Minutemen offense went to work it was the speed of the backfield that prevailed. Dazzling running plays by #26 Vincent Marcucci and #32 Keith Schrump moved the offence up field on a solid drive. Also contributing to the yardage on the drive was fullback #40 Anthony Astorga who has the ability to break through the defensive line and get the first down when needed.

Quarterback #10 Kyle Nolan’s split second hand offs confused the defense just enough for the speed of the backfield to blow through the line. On defense the Minutemen held the Braves run to a minimal and when they went to the air free safety #26 Vincent Marcucci intercepted a 12-yard pass to set up the Minutemen for a touchdown.

Not to mention key tackles by cornerbacks #33 Dan Hearn, #10 Kyle Nolan and middle linebacker #73 Tajh Rogers.

Head coach Anthony Astorga and assistant coaches John Dunbar, Pat Healey, Leon Pirillo and Denny McGrail are using these scrimmages to evaluate the players and move them around in different positions to find out their strong and week areas. These moves by the coaches should make an interesting and versatile team.

Photos provided by John Marcucci

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