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Spotlight on the Minutemen (Unlimited Division)
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Saturday, September 13, 2003

By John Marcucci
SJSports Special Correspondent

In their second regular season home game, the Washington Twp. Minutemen started out slow against the Gibbsboro Vikings. In the first quarter the Vikings were to receive and ran right at the Minutemen on a solid drive up field to score.

It appeared to be an even match up, till late in the first quarter when our offence came together and #32 Keith Schrumpf took the ball 20 yards down field to the 40.

On the next play quarterback #10 Kyle Nolan with the excellent pass blocking of #66 Denny McGrail, # 73 Tajh Rogers and #98 Remel McInnis completed a 25 yard touchdown pass to #33 Dan Hearn.

After that the Vikings were no match for the Minutemen, our defense with the aggressive #55 Mat Bruno, beat the offence off the snap and sacked the quarterback a number of times. #66 Denny McGrail’s fumble recovery and #10 Kyle Nolan’s interception added spice to the game.

Also contributing to the offence, #26 running back Vincent Marcucci whose speed and yardage out of the backfield put the Minutemen in great field possession. Marcucci also played a key roll on defense doubling as free safety with good pass coverage and hard hitting tackles to prevent the Vikings from scoring.

Let’s also touch on the strong running by fullback #40 Anthony Astorga who out of the backfield caught a 10-yard pass and on the next play powered in for the score.

On special teams Kyle Nolan contributed 3 extra points and Vincent Marcucci had a 30-yard punt return.

Coaches Anthony Astorga, John Dunbar, Pat Healey, Leon Pirillo and Denny McGrail seemed pleased with the performance of their Minutemen.

Although the Minutemen were plagued by a number of holding penalties, that brought back a 50 yard touchdown run by #26 Vincent Marcucci and a 40 yard run by #32 Keith Schrumpf the Minutemen were still able to stay on top, Final score 30-16.

Photos provided by John Marcucci

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