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Sunday, September 21, 2003

By John Marcucci
SJSports Special Correspondent

Football is what it’s all about and it was just that for the Washington Twp. Minutemen in their third scheduled match-up against the Medford Indians.

The Minutemen coaching staff were forced to make some last minute changes to the backfield and on defense, due to the fact that #10 Kyle Nolan was unable to attend the game.

#26 running back Vincent Marcucci would step into the quarterback position, #33 Dan Hearn would assume the #2 back slot, #80 Fran Maxwell would take over the tight end spot.

Although head coach Anthony Astorga and assistants Pat Healey, John Dunbar, Leon Pirillo and Denny McGrail didn’t have much time to polish the boys in their new assignments, they did a fine job in preparing the Minutemen for an exciting football game.

At the start of the game the Minutemen’s on-side kick by #55 Matt Bruno would be recovered by their own #66 Denny McGrail to give the Minutemen great field position.

Quarterback #26 Vincent Marcucci took the Minutemen up field with the aid of some fine running by #32 Keith Schrumph and on the third play of the game Marcucci through a 20 yard pass to #80 Fran Maxwell that took them down to the 5 yard line.

On the next play #32 Keith Schrumph carried it in for the first score of the game.

The Minutemen were flying high till the Indians ran right down the middle on a 40 yard touchdown run to tie the score, 6 to 6 after the first quarter.

The battle had begun.

This was the best match-up yet for our Minutemen till the injuries began. Fullback #40 Anthony Astorga while attempting to catch a 12-yard pass from #26 Vincent Marcucci took a hard hit and removed from the game, later to fine out he suffered a fractured wrist.

Replaced by #57 Curt Abrams the Minutemen bounced back with the misdirection of quarterback #26 Vincent Marcucci’s hand off to #32 Keith Schrumph and a 20-yard touch down run.

Plagued by more injuries due to the hard hitting by the Indians, #80 Fran Maxwell would be taken out with a bad sprain. #57 Curt Abrams would suffer a broken ankle and strong runner #33 Dan Hearn was uncertain and slow getting up after a few key carries to put the Minutemen in great field position.

Late in the fourth quarter with the score tied 12-12 and just under 3:00 minutes to play the Minutemen led by quarterback #26 Vincent Marcucci, drove the team up field with the strong blocking of the offensive line and outstanding running by#32 Keith Schrumph who on fourth down and about 5 yards for a touchdown dove across the goal line for the score.

With about 54 seconds left in the game the Indians would receive the ball and on the second down from about the 40 yards out the Indians would complete a 20-yard pass and score.

Tired and banged up the Minutemen had only 23 seconds to go about 55 yards. Attempting to pull the game out, quarterback #26 Vincent Marcucci through a 30 yard spiral down field intended for #32 Keith Schrumph but was intercepted.

The game would end in a tie 19-19, but what a nail biter.

So many names to mention that would affect the out come of the game, #55 Matt Bruno who filled in for #10 Kyle Nolan on kick offs and extra points, #86 Adam Debes, #65 Max Giorgi, #70 Alex Lawson, #75 Timmy McDonald, #99 Ed McGuire, #98 Remel McInnis, #37 Craig Robinson, #73 Tajh Rogers, #81 Mike Shemansky and Neil Bonner, all of which make up the heart of the “Washington Township Minutemen”.

Photos provided by John Marcucci

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