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Hats off to the Lynx Defense

Sunday, September 18, 2005

South Jersey Lynx Press Release

QUEENS - The South Jersey Lynx defense had another stellar outing holding the Panthers offense to 68 yards. Led by LB Chris Eberly (9 tlks), LB Gary Sunkett (8 tkls) and Dwanye Ford (6 tkls), the defense held thier own. SS Delvin Jones received the game MVP, Jones played SS, OT, TE, and LB. He finished the day with 8 tackles, 1 deflection, fumble recovery for a touchdown.

Although the Lynx were short-handed for this game, they were prepared for a dog-fight. Fans in attendance enjoyed a hard fought battle, clean , penalty free (keep that in mind), football game.

Offensively the Lynx were out of sink all game but managed to stay competitive. The football was very slick and both teams had a hard time holding on to it.

The referee was asked to change the ball and the request was denied. Ryan Peterson put the Lynx on the board first by nailing a 26 yard field goal. The remainder of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarter was a defense battle with both teams sending relentless pressure. The 4th quarter is when it became VERY INTERESTING. QB Marty Cross took a league issued game ball onto the field for their ensuing drive and requested another change of the ball and was told that we can not use a NAFL COMPOSITE/TACKIFIED BALL. The ball was thrown to the sideline and play continued.

On the Panthers next possession, DE Kendalle Gibson (5 tkls, 3 scks, 2 frd fum, fum rec) hit the Panthers running back in the backfield and he put the ball on the turf, Jones scooped it up and ran in for his second defense touchdown for the year. The Lynx defense held the Panthers to a three and out after the kickoff. There was 5:48 left on the clock, 1st and 10 for the Lynx. The Lynx ran the ball 3 consecutive run plays before they were forced to punt. The Panthers had the ball on their own 46 yard line and threw 2 incomplete passes. On the next play, the Panthers receiver was forced out of bounds and returned to make a catch short of the first down, while being slung down by CB Edward Dover, FS Shawn Thompson was coming in to help with the tackle and made contact with the receiver. From that point on, there were 7 yellow flags thown in the next 10 Panther plays. The first was a 15 yard penalty (helmet-to-helmet) for Thompson's tackle on the receiver that was short of the first. Head Coach Lester Cream Jr. asked the time keeper for the time and he gave the wait one minute finger. While huddling with the other referees who all looked at their watches after something was said, the ref responded 4:40 is left. On the next play, Gibson was called for a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty which was never given an explanation. Gibson then lost his cool and kicked the flag which 15 more yards were also tacked on. The ball was moved from their own territory to the 4 yard line, NO HALF THE DISTANCE. The Panthers running back picked up 1 yard on first down. Second down, thee was an encroachment penalty which move the ball even closer. The Panthers running back scored from 1 yard out. The Panthers staff decide to go for 2 which was successful.

The Lynx sent their hands team out to defend for the onside kick but the Panthers elected to kick it deep and it rolled out the back of the endzone. The Lynx ran the ball for the next three plays using the clock wisely so we thought. On 4th down, the Lynx lined up to punt but the snap was low and Peterson was tackled on the 2 yard line.

It has to be said again, GREAT JOB TO THE LYNX DEFENSE. With their backs to the wall, the Lynx stuffed the runner at the line of scrimmage. (timeout

Panthers) On 2nd and goal, the Panthers snapped the ball with neither team ready including the thier own backfield and offsides was called after another stop by the defense. Still 2nd and goal from the 3 inch line, the Panther opted to pass which was deflected by Dover (3tkls, int, 2 dflctns, frc fum). Third and goal from the 3 inch line, the Panthers try to run behind the left side of the line and was stuffed IN THE BACKFIELD. Now it's 4th and goal from the 1 centimeter line, Panthers quarterback tries a sneek and can't find a crack so he jumps up in the air and stuck the ball over the plain, touchdown with :10 secs remaining. Dover returned the kickoff to the Panthers 41 yard line, game over. Once again, hats off to the defense.

South Jersey Lynx
New York Panthers

Scoring Summary

1st Quarter
SJ Ryan Peterson 26 yd field goal

4th Quarter
SJ Delvin Jones 24 yd fumble recovery (Peterson kick)
NY 2 yd run (conversion successful)
NY 1 yd run (kick successful)

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