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Season Starts With a Lynx Patriotic Bang

Saturday, July 8, 2006

South Jersey Lynx Press Release

LINDEN, NJ - The South Jersey Lynx day didn't start out too well but ended with a bang. Since the New Jersey Longhorns had difficulties acquiring a field, the Lynx were under the assumption that they would be awarded the game to be played at home, but arrangements were made at the last minute to play in Linden. Due to the miscommunication and late notice, some of the players were not aware of travel plans. The confusion caused the team to arrive to the field late. Upon arrival, there were several issues with the dimensions of the field that were very noticeable without measuring.

While the Lynx had very little time to get dressed and stretched, they started out extremely slow and out-of-sync. After a turnover on downs on the first possession, the Lynx did not gain possession for the rest of the quarter. A total of three possessions between the two teams with no 1st downs, expired the quarter.

The second quarter, was just as fast but the Lynx started clicking and as a result, started scoring. The Lynx defense, which was coming off of two pre-season games undermanned, finally showed the promise that is expected. The Longhorns offense collected two first downs for the entire first half.

Once again, the third period seemed to expire with few plays in between. During the fourth quarter, the Lynx really turned up the heat, pressure, and speed of the game. The offense put up 5 touchdowns in the span of 8 minutes. The defense smothered the Longhorns offense yielding another shutout. Next opponent for the Lynx, the Hudson County Stars.

Game Notes:

Marty Cross sets record for TD passes in a game (5) Edward Dover records franchise leading 14th int Defense records its 17th shutout in franchise history Lynx record 23rd consecutive division victory Lynx remain undefeated in division contests (23)

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