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South Jersey Lynx Win Despite Constant Rain

Saturday, July 22, 2006

South Jersey Lynx Press Release

STATEN ISLAND, NY - Under the cloudy skies of New York, the Lynx were looking to win their third consecutive game and continue to be undefeated in league play. The Predators, who lost their first game to the New Jersey Terminators, wanted to bounce back and avoid opening the season with an 0-2 record.

The Lynx opened the game with a good drive but faultered in the red zone with a turnover on downs. For the remainder of the first half, both teams could not put together a drive that amounted in any points. During the second quarter, the rain started picking up and the surface started to get a bit slippery.

The Lynx offense started moving the ball again and drove down the field to the 21 yard line of the Predators. That's when Marty Cross found Luis Cortes for the first of his two touchdowns. The Predators held the ball for most of the second quarter by running the football. Once they passed the 50 yard line, the Lynx defense tightened up. On 4th and 11, both teams were instructed to leave the field due to lightning. The game was delayed for approxiametely 30 minutes during the downpour.

Once the teams returned, the Lynx had new energy. Once play continue with a punt by the Predators, the Lynx took over from the Preds 41. On the first down, Corey Wallace took a handoff to the right and rumbled for a score assisted by a good block by Juan Marrero. Cross then hit Cortes for the 2 point conversion.

The Predators had the football for most of the 3rd quarter. They started their possession on the 35 yard line. During the possession, the Lynx forced the Preds into 3rd and long. On the next play, Maurice Taylor intercepted a pass and returned it for a touchdown but was nullified by an offside penalty. Also during this possesion, the Lynx defense forced the Preds into 3rd and long situations on five different times this drive but the Preds were awarded 5 personal fouls on each one. Once again, the Lynx defense was bending but did not break. The Predators had the ball inside their 10 for four plays and could not get in.

After consecutive punts by both teams. The Lynx started the fourth quarter near midfield. The offense moved the ball well before Cross hit Taylor in the back of the endzone. The Preds didn't give up and continued to fight when Peter Fountain picked off a pass to returned it deep into Preds territory. Cross then hit Cortes at the 5 and he turned and leaped from the 3 while being up ended by two Preds defenders as he landed in the endzone for the final score.

The defense played very well as a unite. Again because of injuries some players were forced to play out of position. They were led by Robert Pressley (6 tkl, sack), Michael Boone (5 tkls, 3 scks), Fidel Napier (5 tkls), and Anthony Coleman (3 tkls, int).


Lynx record 19th shutout in franchise history Anthony Coleman sets record for most consecutive games with an int (3) Team sets record 3rd consecutive shut-out.

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