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Local Golf Facility Imports Top Teacher

Saturday, March 25, 2000

By Mike Costantino
SJSports Staff Writer

Cross Keys Golf Center, which is located in Turnersville behind the Wal-Mart shopping center and directly across from the Regal Cinema, has hired a golf instructor from Korea. Seung Wook Kim, a regular contributor to the Korean version of Golf Magazine, as well as being selected by golf as one of the top 7 golf teachers in Korea, is now tutoring golf enthusiasts of all ages and handicaps. Known as "Kim" to all of his students, he began working with PGA Master Pro Joe Thiel back in the early 1990's and, over the course of time, has helped many professionals. While in Korea, Kim's facility was located in Won Joo City, and many LPGA professionals would attend his seminars, including Se Re Pak and Kim Mee Hyun, who have both gone on to successful careers.


Having received golf lessons for Christmas from my wife, I began taking lessons in January to try and work on a few things. Playing once a week if I am lucky, and wanting to become more consistent off the tee, Kim worked on my grip and body position as well as my tempo. Initially he videotaped my swing so I could see where I was, and then when we were done, see what changes were made. While I haven't broken 80 yet (he is not a miracle worker), I have become more consistent with my drives. When asked who he enjoyed watching play Kim said, "Davis Love and Annika Sorenstam are my favorite players."

Kim's reputation is beginning to spread in South Jersey as even low handicappers are taking lessons to fine tune their game, as well as young adults and beginners. With the state of the art equipment Kim has at his disposal and the patience he displays with each student, there will be a waiting list to take lessons. When we asked Kim what was the main difference between teaching in the U.S. and Korea he said, "In Korea, the students want immediate results and here, the students are willing to go step by step."


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