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Athlete Spotlight: Darris Drennon

Wednesday, July 7, 2004

By Joanne Costantino
SJSports Staff Writer

During the summer months, you will find athletes getting an early start on conditioning their bodies for the upcoming fall and winters sports. Darris Drennon of Camden High School works with Graig White of Team Conditioning Systems to sharpen his focus as a young athlete. He is committed to working on his speed, reaction time and power while working with the TCS program, which he finds extremely helpful. His favorite exercise is walking lunges which strengthen the legs for that first step explosion.

Darris plays football (wide receiver and free safety), basketball and runs track as a student at Camden High School. For his track stats, his 100 meter time is 11.8 and 200 meter time is 23.5. But his favorite sport is football because his loves the pace of action and the excitement of contact, he likes to hit.

Darris is accomplished in his academic career as well, being named as a Student of the Month and on the Honor Roll. He admires Rap artists and athletes that have come from the streets and worked hard to make a successful career. Darris sees this perseverance and commitment as the quality that helps someone to achieve success in the face of some of life’s adversities.

Photos by Nancy L. Pope

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