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Athlete Spotlight: Alyssa Chantel White

Thursday, March 4, 1999

By Joanne Costantino
SJSports Staff Writer

Alyssa Chantel White is a petite outgoing young lady. She is new to the 5th grade at Salem Middle School where a singing program is no longer offered, so instead she's thinking she might pursue basketball as her next endeavor.

On Monday nights you'll find Alyssa watching the WWF's Monday Night Raw, routing for her favorite wrestlers Sean Michaels and Caine. She finds wrestling very entertaining and "not fake at all, just exciting."


Alyssa has been playing tennis for about 2 years, finds it to be fun and athletic, but is really interested in concentrating on her cheerleading activities along with keeping up her stamina in jumping "Double Dutch". She likes a variety of music and hopes to become the youngest professional R&B singer with a sound like Mya.

With her perky and positive attitude, somewhere between the singing and sports Alyssa plans to attend a college like Harvard or Stanford and believes that a person can do anything and everything.


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