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Athlete Spotlight: Andrea Sanchez

Thursday, April 1, 1999

By Joanne Costantino
SJSports Staff Writer

Good things come in small packages is the saying that comes to mind when one describes Andrea Sanchez. She's 5'2" and always on the go, whether it be ROTC, Tennis, Basketball, Track, or her part-time job. This junior from Rancocas Valley High School is described as selfless, strong and independent and with sure self-confidence. She is active in so many things that she finds as it gets closer to the time to select a college, that she might have to streamline her full schedule.

Andrea is relatively new to tennis, just about 2 years, but also plays basketball, where she is captain of the Junior Varsity team. She likes the sports she participates in more because it's fun first, and then for the competition.

ROTC is a very special thing for Andrea. Because of her work and commitment to that program, she has been awarded the Bronze Medal award for her participation at Fort Dix, and was the Senior Petty Officer for the Administrative Staff. After 2 years, Andrea has made a tough decision and is leaving the ROTC program to concentrate on art, specifically Computer Graphics.

Andrea's dream is to attend the International American University in San Juan, Puerto Rico, but closer to home is okay too. Andrea and her mom will probably visit a few colleges through the summer and make a choice from there. No matter what school she chooses, she's sure to make her mark, she has a real passion for school.

Driven and goal-oriented are first impressions of Andrea, but she's still very much a regular teenager. She loves to shop the malls, her favorite TV show is "Clueless", favorite music artists are Aaliyah and Jesse Powell, and her favorite athlete is Kobe Bryant. When she finally gets her driver's license, she'd like to have a Maxima.


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