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Athlete Spotlight: Justine Palogruto

Thursday, April 29, 1999

By Joanne Costantino
SJSports Staff Writer

At 5'4", and just over 100 pounds, she's not what one would imagine as an aggressive and competitive athlete. But Justine Palogruto describes herself as a "brute" on the soccer field, and she's not giggling when she says it. She's been playing since she was about 12 and loves to learn new skills in the game. Justine plays soccer with 100% heart for herself and her team.

A freshman at Rutgers University, she carries a major in Business, but has not decided what direction she will focus on. She has worked in the past as an assistant in a Physical Therapy office assisting patients with ice packs or hot compresses, while getting therapy treatment. This summer she will be babysitting part-time. If she could have any job today, it would be as a kindergarten teacher, she loves little kids.


Justine likes to rollerblade, workout, and run track, when she's not playing Soccer. Her favorite TV show is "Party of Five", favorite song is Journey's "Open Arms" and Pink Floyd's "The Wall". Maybe Justine was born into the wrong decade. She also likes to shop the distinctive shops of South Street.

Family is most important to Justine. Her parents are her number one fan club and support network and she is close with her "little" brother who is a freshman at Highland High School, so close they had one big combined graduation party last year, she from Highland and her brother from eighth grade.


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