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Athlete Spotlight: Kinia McGough

Thursday, October 21, 1999

By Joanne Costantino
SJSports Staff Writer

In her senior year at Rutgers University in Camden, Kinia McGough is confident and ready for business. A cheerleader for the Rutgers Raptors, Kinia is also an accounting major with professional affiliations already in the works. She has re-established the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) for the eastern region of the United States. NABA is a national organization that focuses on minority students who are majors in accounting and/or finance helping them to bridge the gap into the workplace and set up mentoring from professionals affiliated with the Philadelphia chapter. Kinia sits as President of the eastern region chapter at Rutgers. Her long-range career goals include setting up her own business with a direction towards consulting in international commerce and tax law.

As focused as she is with her career goals, Kinia's personal life is very busy and full of love and fun. Kinia is a single mom to the lovely little Cinia. Though Kinia is eager to move into a place of her own with her daughter soon after she graduates, she'll miss her own Mom and Mom will miss them too. She has an exceptionally close relationship with her Mom who has set for Kinia an example to follow as a strong independent woman who offers unconditional support in everything.

Kinia isn't all business, she makes time to see movies - most recently; Martin Lawrence in "Blue Streak" (pretty good), "The Blair Witch Project" (hated it), "Double Jeopardy" (slow start but good) and then for Cinia "Elmo" (it was okay). Her all time favorite movies are "Goonies" (watches ALL the time) and " A Christmas Story". Her taste in music is generally a little bit of everything, and her favorite TV show is "The Parkers" a new show this season on the WB network.

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