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Athlete Spotlight: Noni Kendall

Thursday, April 22, 1999

By Joanne Costantino
SJSports Staff Writer

Noni Kendall likes to run, and it seems that she is always on the run. This young woman spends much of her time in sports related activities with Willingboro High School and Rutgers University-Camden. At Willingboro, Noni works with the division-winning football team, and the girl's basketball team who just recently tied with Rancocas Valley for the Liberty title. The Lady Chimeras made it to the championship game for the Group 3 title. At Rutgers-Camden, Noni works with Graig White as an assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach. She also works with Graig White's "Team Conditioning Systems" that works with college students and professional athletes, like Charles Emanuel of Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


Occasionally, she models in the fashion shows put on by the Black Student Union at Rutgers. And if that isn't enough to do, she mentors younger people during her "off" times from school at Rutgers.

Noni carries a double major of African American Studies and Sociology, and plans to take up Administration and Psychology when the time comes for grad school. She has high hopes of getting into the administrative end of the education system and has strong feelings about how so many children with problems other than academic do not get the appropriate attention that might make the difference in making a successful and productive school experience for kids. She sees it as a system that is in serious need of a revolution, and Noni is up for it.


A Rutgers University-Camden student who hopes to graduate before the end of this year, Noni credits her Grandmom as the most influential and supportive person in her life. Grandmom will support her in everything she does.


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