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Winning Ways:
Tennis Camp Enlightens Players in Camden

Thursday, July 22, 1999

By Art Redd
SJSports Staff Writer

It's not hard to find a lot of good programs throughout the city of Camden for kids of all ages to enjoy themselves and beat the heat. One camp you will find is the tennis program run by Gregory "Graig" White through Rutgers University-Camden. Mr. White has interesting ways to keep the game of tennis fun and alive for athletes young and old.


The second annual Raptors/Camden Summer Tennis program features daily lessons for youths ages from 8 to 17. This program is free of charge and is sponsored by the City of Camden, the United States Tennis Association, Team Conditioning Systems, South Jersey Sports Online, Prince Sporting Goods and Wilson Sporting Goods. The youths are able to learn the game of tennis and have a lot of fun doing it. There are several players who have been repeated visitors to the program to sharpen up their skills. If they are good enough, they could have a chance of beating Graig in a singles or doubles match.

"I push the kids who need to be pushed, I challenge the kids who need to be challenged. But I help the kids who need help. With all of that said, we still have fun with the game of tennis," stated White as he was serving up tennis balls. After the morning tennis program is completed, everyone has the opportunity to cool off in the swimming pool at Rutgers-Camden.

For more information on the camp, visit the Team Conditioning Systems (TCS) web site.

Photos by Art Redd

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