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Bishop Eustace Rebounds against Timber Creek

Thursday, October 7, 2004

By Jerome Michaels
SJSports Special Correspondent

The Crusaders were in unfamiliar territory and were looking to return home after losing their first two games of the season. Starting the season with seven wins in a row, the last two games for Bishop Eustace were ones to forget. Cherry Hill West and Shawnee were the two teams from the Patriot Division to defeat the Crusaders and Timber Creek was looking to make it their third from the same division. Bishop Eustace would be able to celebrate getting back on the winning side of the game with a 2-0 win.

Both teams had scoring chances in the first half and one goal would go a long way with the defenses controlling the game. That edge quickly swung in favor of the Crusaders when Kevin Anderson scored. Both teams play even soccer for the rest of the half leaving the season half to really determine the outcome of the game. Kyle Miller’s goal for Eustace was enough for them to begin a new winning streak.

Photos by Frank Crescenti

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