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Camden Ends Chimeras Winning Streak

Saturday, October 23, 2004

By Jason Brown
SJSports Special Correspondent

It's an argument that could go on for days about which sport would be considered the toughest sport to participate in. The game of football can take its toll on players testing their ability to continue to play through four quarters at the highest level and sometimes with pain. Under those same conditions previously mentioned, when your starting quarterback and runningback are missing from the lineup, it serves as a motivation factor for both teams on the field. Willingboro was that team missing two key players that Camden took full advantage off. Scoring twice in the second half was enough for the Panthers to upset Willingboro by a 12-2 score.

Both teams struggled to generate any offense during the first half. Willingboro did have an excellent opportunity on their first possession but fumbled the football deep in Panthers territory. The ball was recovered by Camden in the endzone with only a few seconds remaining in the quarter. Unable to move the ball after the turnover, Willingboro recovered the football after the snap to the punter sailed over his head and into the endzone for a safety by Willingboro.

Camden scored the first touchdown of the game in the third quarter Charles Waugh’s 65 yard reception set up Thomas Benson’s touchdown run from 5 yards out. The Panthers added another rushing touchdown this time by Tom Stewart to put an end to Willingboro’s winning streak. Both of these teams really need to get healthy and play better in order to go far in the playoffs.

Photos by Art Redd

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