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Camden Secures A Position In Playoffs

Saturday, October 29, 2005

By Jerome Michaels
SJSports Special Correspondent

You will always find those teams every year coming through with that victory late in the season in order to qualify for the playoffs. This year, the Panthers from Camden High would be one of those teams on the bubble looking for a way into the group tournament. Needing a win against the Eagles from Winslow Township, the Panthers were looking to pick up some important power points. Winslow Township’s hopes of winning two games in a row against teams from Camden fell short as the Panthers running game proved to be the difference. Camden would expand on their halftime lead and propel themselves into the post season with a 22-14 victory.

Two different teams from two different groups were looking to secure their position in the seeding of their perspective brackets. Winslow Township’s win over Woodrow Wilson last week pushed their record to a game over five hundred and a trip to Camden would have improved on their seeding in the South Jersey Group III bracket. Camden would be looking again to come up big before the deadline and a victory over the Eagles would solidify their spot in the Group II tournament.

The way this game started out, it looked as if the team that could convert enough first downs and limit their turnovers would win this game. During the second quarter of this game, the teams began to find a rhythm but it would be Camden putting together the first scoring drive. Quarterback Tim Stewart tossed about a 10 yard pass in the air to Tyree Gacutan who expanding that completion to a 70 yard play down to the Eagles 16 yard line. Charles Waugh finished off the drive with a 2-yard run and after the two point conversion reception by Gacutan gave the Panthers an 8-0 lead heading into halftime.

Winslow Township would get the first score of the second half when Quarterback Anthony Glaud tossed a 53-yard touchdown pass to Julian Talley and the Eagles were within one, 8-7. Camden would respond with a touchdown reception of their own when Waugh reeled in his second touchdown of the game from 14 yards out. Glaud would go back to Talley for a 22-yard touchdown reception in the fourth quarter and Winslow Township trailed 16-14 with plenty of time to go. But Camden would give the homecoming crowd would not go home disappointed especially when Thomas Benson’s 6-yard run just over halfway through the quarter put this game away.

Photos by Art Redd

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