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Camden Catholic Continues To Prove Top Ranking Status

Wednesday, January 7, 1998

By Art Redd
SJSports Staff Writer

Camden Catholic's wrestling team is always faced with new challenges everytime they step onto the mat. By being one of the top wrestling teams in South Jersey, every oppsing team is ready to see what they are made of. Camden Catholic continued to earn that top ranking status by defeating Triton 54-12 at home. Camden Catholic had pins by Bill Heverly, Mike Bagocious, Mike Franchi and Pat Underwood.

Match results...

103 lbs - Anthony Poposkic, Triton, defeated James DelVisio, 10-6

112 lbs - Mike Booth, Camden Catholic, defeated Jason Starts, 3-2

119 lbs - Jim Perry, Camden Catholic, defeated Mike Townsend, 11-4

125 lbs - Bill Heverly, Camden Catholic, pinned Matt Tisa, 1:04

130 lbs - Mike Bagocious, Camden Catholic, pinned Tony Dilella, 0:49

135 lbs - Mike Becktel, Triton, defeated Tom Sipera, 10-7

140 lbs - Frank Cornelly, Camden Catholic, defeated Tom Riiss, 11-9 (OT)

145 lbs - Mike Franchi, Camden Catholic, pinned T.J. DiStefano, 3:50

152 lbs - Dennis Virelli, Camden Catholic, defeated Ryan Whipple, 7-4

160 lbs - Pat Underwood, Camden Catholic, pinned Brad Wallace, 0:28

Sean Atwell, Matt Cassano and Sean Milowe of Camden Catholic won by forfeit in the 171, 189 and 215 weight class. Dave Skica of Triton won by forfeit in the heavyweight class.

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