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The Goal Line Stand Makes its Debut

Sunday, September 10, 2000

By Art Redd
SJSports Staff Writer

Ah, the start of the football season has finally arrived with the anticipation of having a successful year. With all the preparations made during the off season and the endless hours of football practices, high schools throughout South Jersey were ready to show all the improvements they have worked hard on. Even the parents club from Camden Catholic was happy to show off their "Goal Line Stand". Their hard work and dedication for their high school was very noticeable with their new food court pavilion.

Ron "aka Mayor" Chiumento, president of the club, was surrounded by proud parents for their accomplishments of building their new food court called the "Goal Line Stand". Chiumento, along with Tom Laurie, Anthony Martino, Joe Paprzycki, Al Carlino, and Brian Cassano were very proud of their new covered eating area. "Last year, we lost a lot of sales due to bad weather," said Chiumento. Their off season was spent gathering the materials to build a food court for all fans to sit down out of the sun, rain, and snow and enjoy those smoked sausages off the grill.

Today was the grand opening for the players, coaches, and parents of the Fighting Irish to enjoy their new and improved stand. The celebration was filled with team and family photos, purchase of team merchandise, and of course the food.

What made this effort successful were the donation of materials from Aamco Roofing, Jim Muessina Framing, Bradco, Tom Lauria and others. The parents club is very happy with their new pavilion, but they are not done. Improvements like adding lights, more enhancements, and the Fight Irish logo are now in the works. And of course, the "Goal Line Stand" sign will put the finishing touch on the project.

Photos by Art Redd

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