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High School Football:
Field Goal Gives Paul VI the Edge

Thursday, November 24, 2005

By Jason Brown
SJSports Special Correspondent

There were a lot of reasons many showed up at Camden Catholic to witness a classic high school football game Thanksgiving morning. One reason would be to stay out of trouble with the chef of the house as temptations of sneaking a taste of the turkey dinner would bring on a slap on the wrist. During the Paul VI and Camden Catholic football game, many players got a chance to play in front of visiting family and friends. As for the game, the Eagles would finally break a tie when place kicker Joe Owens kicked the game winning field goal with seconds remaining on the clock. Paul VI would defeat the Fighting Irish 17-14 in a thrilling game.

The Thanksgiving high school tradition is all about the rivalry between two schools most of the time from the same area. With the neighboring schools so close to one another, most could walk to the field in plenty of time before the start of the game. That time would allow many fans to meet up with previous classmates and remember the past games. The players on the field also would remember those games and look to continue their success or begin a new winning tradition. Paul VI would be the team looking to end a long losing streak to Camden Catholic.

The Irish would jump ahead of Paul VI during the first quarter when quarterback Sean Scanlon completed a 38 yard touchdown pass over the middle of the field to Mike Ragone. Paul VI would battle back and tie this game when Jon Grimes broke free on a punt and recorded a 50 yard touchdown return. The see-saw battle would continue during the second quarter when Ragone took the ensuing kick-off and return it 80 yards to retake the lead 14-7. It didn’t take long for the Eagles’ offense to march back into Irish territory and set up the game tying touchdown. Grimes would cap off the scoring drive by scoring from 2 yards out and it was all even at intermission. The game would not see another point scored until the remaining seconds of the final quarter when Owens nailed the game winning field goal.

Photos by Hugh Tsung

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