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High School Wrestling:
Camden Catholic Wins District 27

Saturday, February 27, 1999

By Charlie Barker
SJSports Staff Writer

Camden Catholic pulled away from the pack and won the District 27 Wrestling Championship held at Cherokee High School. The Irish won a record eight gold medals as Bob Stinson (103), Mark Koszyk (112), Mike Booth (119), Bill Heverly (125), Mike Bagocius (135), Brian Cassano (145), Mike Franchi (152), and Sean Milowe (275) all won individual titles.

Freshman Ryan Cunningham (140) of Cherry Hill West won the Oustanding Wrestler Award.

Team Scoring

Camden Catholic26.023.025.525.
Cherry Hill West11.
Cherry Hill East0.
Maple Shade4.

Individual Scoring
Championship Round
103Bob Stinson, Camden Catholic, def. Tom Prairie, Delran.
112Mark Koszyk, Camden Catholic, def. Dan DiGirolamo, Cherry Hill West.
119Mike Booth, Camden Catholic, def. Chris Romei, Maple Shade.
125Bill Heverly, Camden Catholic, def. Ken Cranmer, Delran.
130Aaron Yaffa, Cherry Hill East, def. Troy Hood, Cherry Hill West.
135Mike Bagocius, Camden Catholic, def. Ted Seemueller, Cinnaminson.
140Ryan Cunningham, Cherry Hill West, def. Wes Roach, Cherokee.
145Brian Cassano, Camden Catholic, def. Robert Zuschnitt, Palmyra.
152Mike Franchi, Camden Catholic, def. Zach Semar, Cherry Hill West.
160Nick Piacentini, Palmyra, def. Frank Corneli, Camden Catholic.
171Ethan Bullock, Haddonfield, def. Dino Bozzi, Cherokee.
189Sean Cunningham, Cherry Hill West, def. Tony McSweeney, Palmyra.
215Doug Easlick, Cherokee, def. Nick Commisso, Riverside.
275Sean Milowe, Camden Catholic, def. Juan Martinez, Riverside.
103Troy Kaplan, Cherry Hill West, def. Keith Trout, Riverside.
112Bill Crowley, Cherokee, def. Andrew LaPlante, Maple Shade.
119Jeremy Hollins, Cherry Hill West, def. Lou Favorite, Delran.
125Matt DiMasi, Cinnaminson, def. Harry Morad, Cherokee.
130Tom Sipera, Camden Catholic, def. Jason Zitzler, Delran.
135Chaz Quicksill, Cherry Hill East, def. Josh Mann, Delran.
140Ryan Rendfrey, Riverside, advances.
145Bill Hessert, Haddonfield, def. Marc Delessio, Cherokee.
152Mike McConnel, Cinnaminson, def. Ben Weller, Riverside.
160Chris Bryski, Cherokee, def. John Gragilla, Cherry Hill East.
171Eric Marnell, Palmyra, def. Tim Robinson, Cinnaminson.
189Tom Martino, Delran, def. Aaron Wiggins, Cherry Hill East.
215Uri-Boyd Atkins, Cherry Hill West, def. Ed Johnson, Camden Catholic.
275John Ashton, Delran, def. Shaunessy Fraser, Cinnaminson.

Semifinal Round
103Bob Stinson, Camden Catholic, pin Sal Rocya, Cinnaminson, 1:15.
Tom Prairie, Delran, def. Keith Trout, Riverside, 8-6.
112Dan DiGirolamo, Cherry Hill West, def. Bill Crowley, Cherokee, 10-2.
Mark Koszyk, Camden Catholic, pin Andrew LaPlante, Maple Shade, 2:22.
119Mike Booth, Camden Catholic, tech fall Jeremy Hollins, Cherry Hill West, 19-4, 4:37.
Chris Romei, Maple Shade, def. Lou Favorite, Delran, 10-5.
125Bill Heverly, Camden Catholic, tech fall Matt DiMasi, Cinnaminson, 20-3, 3:58.
Ken Cranmer, Delran, def. Harry Morad, Cherokee, 13-1.
130Aaron Yaffa, Cherry Hill East, def. Jason Zitzler, Delran, 10-7.
Troy Hood, Cherry Hill West, def. Tom Sipera, Camden Catholic, 10-9.
135Ted Seemuller, Cinnaminson, def. Josh Mann, Delran, 10-1.
Mike Bagocius, Camden Catholic, def. Chaz Quicksill, Cherry Hill East, 7-5.
140Wes Roach, Cherokee, won by injury default Tony Flunder, Delran.
Ryan Cunningham, Cherry Hill West, def. Ryan Rendfrey, Riverside, 12-3.
145Robert Zuschnitt, Palmyra, def. Marc Dalessio, Cherokee, 12-4.
Brian Cassano, Camden Catholic, def. Bill Hessler, Haddonfield, 11-3.
152Mike Franchi, Camden Catholic, pin Ben Weller, Riverside, 5:20.
Zach Semar, Cherry Hill West, def. Mike McConnel, Cinnaminson, 13-8.
160Nick Piacentini, Palmyra, def. John Gragilla, Cherry Hill East, 6-5.
Frank Corneli, Camden Catholic, def. Chris Bryski, Cherokee, 6-3.
171Ethan Bullock, Haddonfield, def. Tim Robinson, Cinnaminson, 11-3.
Dino Bozzi, Cherokee, def. Eric Marnell, Palmyra 12-1.
189Sean Cunningham, Cherry Hill West, pin Aaron Wiggins, Cherry Hill East, 1:51.
Tony McSweeney, Palmyra, def. Tom Martino, Delran, 12-9.
215Doug Easlick, Cherokee, pin Uri-Boyd Atkins, Cherry Hill West, 1:42.
Nick Commisso, Riverside, def. Ed Johnson, Camden Catholic, 4-1.
275Sean Milowe, Camden Catholic, def. John Aston, Delran, 5-3.
Juan Martinez, Riverside, def. Shaunessy Fraser, Cinnaminson, 8-5.

Photos by Forrest Robleto

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