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Boy's Lacrosse Growing in South Jersey, Cherokee Defeats Vineland

Thursday, April 3, 2003

By Clark Washington
SJSports Special Correspondent

It was a game that was mainly considered a sport played by one gender throughout South Jersey, but this season the boys have formed new teams representing the Olympic Conference. Cherokee and Vineland were two of those new teams from the newly formed American Division battling it out on the field. It will take some time before the boy’s portion of the sport will get some recognition, but it will continue to grow. Cherokee dominated the play against Vineland by posting a 14-2 win.

Boy’s lacrosse is a combination of soccer, ice hockey and football all rolled up into a fast pace and intense sport. Body checking is allowed, and it’s one of the differences between girls and boys lacrosse. Yet, the referees are constantly reminding the players that aggressive body checking is highly discouraged. It will be one of many rules each new team will have to remember.

The Olympic Conference American Division is made up of teams from Cherokee, Vineland, Washington Township, Lenape, Eastern and Shawnee. Camden Catholic, New Egypt, Paul VI, St. Augustine and Winslow Township represent the National Division. Moorestown Friends, representing the Friends School Division, has played the sport, but this year will compete against varsity teams from the area. Moorestown, who has been playing the sport since 1994 against teams mainly from northern New Jersey, has dominated the sport and has set the bar extremely high for these new teams to follow.

So far this season, Cherokee has demonstrated their ability and understanding of the game as they have won their first 2 games easily. On the other hand, Vineland has struggled as they were shut out in their first game against New Egypt. Today was a new beginning for the Fighting Clan as they not only got their first goal of the season, they got two. Jeremy Koering and Chris Vapore recorded Vineland’s first goals against the Chiefs. Matt Dunn scored 3 goals and Kevin Sterling recorded 6 goals leading Cherokee past Vineland.

Photos by Art Redd

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