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Cherokee's Late Rally Enough To Defeat Willingboro

Friday, October 3, 2003

By Vincent Lewis
SJSports Staff Writer

The way this game started out, it looked as if the Chiefs wouldn’t need to rally from a 13-point deficit in the fourth quarter to defeat the Chimeras from Willingboro. Cherokee’s senior runningback Marc Orosz has demonstrated that he has the ability plow through an interior defense and gain huge amount of yardage for a touchdown. Willingboro was a witness to that on the Chiefs first play from scrimmage, but it didn’t effect them too much as they had scored twenty unanswered points in the second and third quarters. Cherokee’s ground game keyed their 26-20 interdivision home victory and remained undefeated and on top of the American Division.

So far this season, the Chiefs weren’t giving a real test to their abilities and recognition. This game would not be one they would or could afford to take lightly. Willingboro (1-3) has been a team that is full of talent and has been competitive in their first 3 games. Each game had been decided by a touchdown or less, especially against Shawnee and Moorestown. Cherokee would be facing Shawnee next week and were well aware how Willingboro could have defeated the Renegades in a close battle.

When Cherokee lined up for their first play from scrimmage, Orosz gave the home crowd and fans another highlight reel run. Scoring his ninth touchdown of the season, Orosz broke free and scored from 59-yards out. It would be his fourth rushing touchdown of more that forty yards this season and he was not done increasing that total. The Willingboro sideline was a bit upset at the start of this game, but patience was their virtue during the second quarter. Willingboro also has a bruising type of runningback in Danny Bihlear. But this time, quarterback Khaaliq McQuillar completed a pass to Bihlear right before the half ended to tie the game at 7 all.

The third quarter was all Willingboro as they scored on touchdown runs by McQuillar and Bihlear. McQuillar put Willingboro ahead 14-7 when he completed their second scoring drive with a 5-yard run. On their very next possession, Bihlear extended the lead with an impressive 69-yard touchdown run. It looked as if Willingboro would finally win one of those big games. Turnovers…depending which side of the ball you are on, they can hurt you or help you. Fortunately for Cherokee, they would be the reason their record would increase to 4-0.

Finally the Cherokee fans were able to celebrate their team scoring a touchdown when Joseph Scialabbo started the scoring rally. His 16-yard score gave new life to the Chiefs. Chris Cowan had a big part in the comeback when he scooped up a fumble at their own 1-yard line that put Cherokee into scoring position. Orosz scored his second touchdown to tie the game and then the winning touchdown just over 6 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Willingboro’s efforts to score again would come up short.

Photos by Mark Fletcher

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