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Cherokee Wins the Battle and Winslow Loses the War

Saturday, November 6, 2004

By Jerome Michaels
SJSports Special Correspondent

A statement is sometimes made when a team uses a disappointing lose and turns it into a well played game in which the outcome is a win. Sure, it's nice to play well but a victory to go with it...priceless. Cherokee was shutout last week by Shawnee and were looking to ease that painful loss with a win against a team that needed this game to try and qualify for the postseason. Winslow Township needed to pick up some power points and the Chiefs were the team that could allow them to earn it. But the Chiefs were determined not to lose two games in a row and the Eagles would fall to that determination losing by a 30-6 score.

Cherokee would score on their opening possession of the game in Chief style. Using the ground game, Cherokee would take advantage of a few helpful penalties. Quarterback Mark Walker completed the scoring drive with his 1 yard keeper. That would be the only touchdown scored in the first half and the Chiefs lead 10-0 after an impressive 40 yard field goal was made by Kevin Sinclair, but the excitement was not done. Mike Salvatico jump started the second half with the opening kickoff 85 yard return extending Cherokee’s lead to 16-0.

Winslow Township would need to find some way to get back into this game and they did when they took advantage of a turnover and capitalized. An Anthony Glaud pass to Todshon Jones gave the Eagles a first and goal. Glaud’s one yard keeper finally put Winslow on the scoreboard and trailed 16-6. The Chiefs went back to the running game with success and two fourth quarter scores put this game out of reach. Drew Hill and Walker scored from 12 and 7 yards out and it was more than enough to avenge their first loss of the season.

Photos by Mark Fletcher

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