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Ugly Scene ruins Cherokee and Clearview Contest

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

By Mike Costantino
SJSports Staff Writer

Today we should be talking about how Clearview fell behind 4-0 after one period and was out-shot 20-6, but rallied to within 4-3, only to lose 5-3 to Cherokee and thus ending their season. Instead we are left with a scene of players trying to fight, parents and coaches on the ice to try and restore order and more ammunition to the school decision makers as to why high school hockey in South Jersey will never be sanctioned. For the most part the game was clean and well officiated, and the outcome was in doubt until Frank Garvey was credited with a goal as he skated towards the empty net, but was dragged down from behind. That goal iced the game at 5-3 with twenty five seconds left.

With time winding down and the puck in the Clearview defensive zone, there was a skirmish in the corner, some pushing and shoving and then a few Clearview players jumped on the ice, closely followed by the Cherokee bench. It took quite a few minutes before order was restored and then the police showed up. Now over the years the league has stiffened the rules for fighting and for the most part fighting has almost been non-existent, but for scenes such as this there has to be stiffer penalties.

Notes: Matt Klanchar led Clearview with two goals, scoring for Cherokee were, Ryan Thompson, Tom Paradise, Matt Maugeri and Kyle Manny.

Photos by Art Redd

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