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High School Soccer:
Lady Cougars Frustrate Shawnee's Offense

Thursday, October 15, 1998

By Forrest Robleto
SJSports Staff Writer

Just when the game started, Meridith Sobel took control of the ball and passed it to Christy Madden. Madden then made a beautiful shot into the net. Shawnee's keeper never had a chance. This all happened with 1:32 seconds into the first half. Although the Renegades would put up tremendous pressure for the rest of the game the only other goal was on a direct kick from Jen Padlo.


After the goal, Shawnee had several good scoring opportunities but few that Carolyn Snyder ever got her hands on. Most shots were blocked by the defense or shot way wide. Most of the play was in Cherry Hill's end but the Lady Cougars had better scoring opportunities when the got into Shawnee's end. Snyder did make a terrific save early when the ball was drilled toward the top of the net, but Snyder stood up to about seven foot seven and snatched the ball out of the air. Madden came right back with what looked to be a sure goal but Patricia Irwin made a good diving save. That was the only activity other than the goal that was in Shawnee territory.

On an opportunity that seemed like a sure goal, Julia Girman picked off a shot that appeared to have Snyder beaten. Between Jen Padlo and Julia Girman not much got through to Snyder.


In the second half the play rarely got out of the Cougars end but on the first occasion that it did, East was awarded a direct kick which Jen Padlo drove past the keeper for Shawnee who never had a chance. The rest of the half, much like the first half, was played in Cherry Hill's end with the defense making a lot of good saves. The offense were kicking high or wide, and Carolyn handling the rest.

Coach Troutman explained that he had moved to a soft defense and hadn't had much opportunity to work on it. Without much work on it, it worked very well. He said it was the same defense they used last year. It seems like the kind of defense that would frustrate a good team like Shawnee. The Cougars move to an impressive 11-0-1 and the Renegades to a respectable 6-1-1.

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Photos by Forrest Robleto

On a nearby field, Coach Jim Price's Cherry Hill East JV team topped the Shawnee JV 4-0.

Goal Assist
1. Mary Daly Kara Shore
2. Kara Shore Abby Fitchett
3. Nicole Thurston Jill Sweeney
4. Jackie Cona -


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