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High School Soccer:
Two Good Teams, One Had To Lose

Friday, November 5, 1999

By Forrest Robleto
SJSports Staff Writer

Paul IV and Cherry Hill East met the week before in a regular season make-up game and played 110 minutes without a score for either team. This day they played through 103 minutes of soccer before determining a winner, and it wasn't very satisfying even for the winners. The game was decided on a rare overtime penalty kick. With minutes left in the first overtime, the official ruled that Adrienne Dugandzic from Paul IV had been fouled inside the offensive box. That gave Dugandzic an opportunity to shoot unopposed from about 15 yards out, an opportunity that heavily favors the shooter. Dugandzic made no mistake and sophomore Emily Brenner was disconsolate over her inability to save the game for her teammates who had played so hard. It was a good shot that would have beaten nearly any keeper. The only truly sad part was that one of the teams had to lose.


At the 30-minute mark of the first half, senior Meridith Sobel got a perfect header shot from a corner from Marisa Kravitz and broke the 140 minutes of scoreless play between the two teams. Twelve minutes later Karen Patruno got an almost identical goal from a corner from Adrienne Dugandzic and the teams were tied once again. These two teams are extremely well matched.

With less than five minutes left in the first overtime, the Cougars had an excellent scoring opportunity that was stopped by some sort of magic by Emily Brenner and the defense. Marisa Kravitz and Meridith Sobel each had a few good opportunities but Lauren Minerva was equal to all but one.

Paul IV will go on to play Lenape on Sunday November 7. Cherry Hill ends a good season on a bad note. These teams were very evenly matched. Sadly one of them had to lose.

Photos by Forrest Robleto

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