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High School Field Hockey:
Haddon Heights Shuts Down Collingswood

Monday, September 25, 2006

By Susan Hall
SJSports Special Correspondent

For so long, the Lady Panthers from Collingswood field hockey team has been one of those squads that opponents were either a bit nervous competing against or knew they were in for a hard fought battle. The Panthers’ success has been dominating but with every new season, change is always waiting to occur. In a Colonial Conference match-up between the Lady Garnets from Haddon Heights and Collingswood, it would be the Garnets that were able to get the only goals of this game. Haddon Heights would score once in the first half and once in the second and defeat Collingswood 2-0. The win pushed the Garnets record to three wins and three losses early in this season.

Collingswood still has the talent at both ends of the field to come away with a convincing win. Before this game began, the Panthers has been playing five hundred percentage field hockey and had the chance to move one game above it. In the past, teams had to come up with a game plan that had to be well executed almost without any faults in order to have a chance at staying close. So when Haddon Heights jumped out to an early 1-0 lead after Sarah Hansen's goal, things were looking very good. It wasn’t until the second half that the next goal would be scored by Alisa Farina and the Garnets found themselves leading by two goals. The defense took over from there and Haddon Heights would come away with the win.

Photos by Frank Crescenti

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