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Delran's Trump & Marino Too Much for Blue Devils

Friday, September 11, 1998

By Forrest Robleto
SJSports Staff Writer

Delran out-passed, out-ran, out-kicked, and out-scored Burlington City Friday night on terrific performances by Ted Trump and Vince Marino. Trump, the nationally recognized baseball pitcher who made his first start as a quarterback, showed he could also pitch a football. He started a little slow, four of his incompletions were on his first four attempts. But once he found the mark he threw an awesome seven for eight including 40-yard plus passes to Marino and Manny Mahan. Overall he threw the ball for 146 yards and three touchdowns with seven completions in twelve attempts. The Bears would defeat Burlington City 41-6.


Burlington City's Cashon Diggs played a strong game, running a total of 128 yards including Burlington's only score. He also caught the ball four times for a total of twenty yards. He was effective in his first couple of carries for Burlington, but with an obvious mismatch in talent Delran was easily able to double- and at times triple-team the energetic Diggs. Early in the game Diggs picked off a pass from Trump at about midfield but a clipping penalty negated the run.


After a quick three downs, Burlington City turned the ball over to Delran who took it down for the first of six touchdowns. Trump got this one himself with a 15-yard run. In the second quarter Trump threw for three touchdowns, a 43-yard pass to Marino, a 49-yard pass to Mahan, and another 20-yard pass to Marino. This essentially put the game out of reach for Burlington City (28-0) whose only score would come from a botched Delran punt that gave them the ball inside the 10 yard line.

Photos by Forrest Robleto

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