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SJHSIHL Championship Game 1
Lenape vs. Eastern: Period One
Monday, March 8, 1999

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IHC1905thumb.jpg IHC1891thumb.jpg IHC1892thumb.jpg IHC1893thumb.jpg IHC1894thumb.jpg IHC1895thumb.jpg IHC1896thumb.jpg IHC1898thumb.jpg IHC1900thumb.jpg IHC1901thumb.jpg IHC1902thumb.jpg IHC1903thumb.jpg IHC1904thumb.jpg IHC1906thumb.jpg IHC1907thumb.jpg IHC1908thumb.jpg IHC1910thumb.jpg IHC1911thumb.jpg IHC1912thumb.jpg IHC1913thumb.jpg IHC1914thumb.jpg IHC1915thumb.jpg IHC1916thumb.jpg IHC1917thumb.jpg IHC1918thumb.jpg IHC1919thumb.jpg IHC1920thumb.jpg

Photos by Boog Williams

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