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SJHSIHL Championship Game 1
Lenape vs. Eastern: Period Two
Monday, March 8, 1999

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IHC1002thumb.jpg IHC1003thumb.jpg IHC1004thumb.jpg IHC1005thumb.jpg IHC1006thumb.jpg IHC1007thumb.jpg IHC1008thumb.jpg IHC1009thumb.jpg IHC1010thumb.jpg IHC1011thumb.jpg IHC1012thumb.jpg IHC1013thumb.jpg IHC1014thumb.jpg IHC1015thumb.jpg IHC1016thumb.jpg IHC1017thumb.jpg IHC1019thumb.jpg IHC1020thumb.jpg IHC1021thumb.jpg IHC1022thumb.jpg IHC1023thumb.jpg IHC1024thumb.jpg IHC1025thumb.jpg IHC1026thumb.jpg IHC1027thumb.jpg IHC1028thumb.jpg IHC1029thumb.jpg IHC1030thumb.jpg IHC1032thumb.jpg IHC1033thumb.jpg IHC1034thumb.jpg IHC1036thumb.jpg IHC1037thumb.jpg

Photos by Boog Williams

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