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Wednesday, October 25, 2000

By Mike Costantino
SJSports Staff Writer

As a new feature, SJSports Online have decided to post information on past SJHSIHL players and let you know how they are doing. We will be passing along any other information concerning league issues or announcements. First, Eastern manager Debbie Phillips reports that Lindsey Roy, who last year was the first female to dress and play in a varsity game, has made the women's hockey team for the University of Minnesota. Lindsey is attending the school on an academic scholarship and was invited to try out for the team and made it.

Cherry Hill East Coach Desrochers informs us that Vince Galasso who graduated last year and is attending Neumann College, has made the junior varsity team and '99 graduate George Pasquarello has made the Neumann varsity squad. Nice to know that not only are these kids continuing to play hockey but also more importantly are continuing their education.

Some other items to mention we received some mixed feedback on the article concerning the placing of teams in the proper tiers. While we realize the league problem with re-arranging teams and changing schedules, anything is possible. And finally on Monday night at the Voorhees Skate Zone, the game was delayed between Cherry Hill East and Lenape. During the pre-game warm up, Nick Giambanis drilled a shot off the glass and shattered the pane.

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