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High School Ice Hockey:
Sullivan, Tunstall And Orner, Oh My!

Saturday, March 6, 2004

By Mike Costantino
SJSports Staff Writer

There have been some great tandems over the years that have played high school ice hockey, and since the 1998-1999 season, our first covering ice hockey, we could not think of a better combination than Brandon Tunstall, Anthony Orner and Sean Sullivan. Some dynamic duos come to mind such as Pat Henderson and Sean Zahacewski from Cherokee, Chris Frynewicz and Greg Kuster from Moorestown, Chris Riggs and Jon Probe from Clearview and Mike Becker and Mike Cianfrani from Eastern, just to name a few. However, when you look at how a line plays together and the communication and knowing where your linemate will be and the amount of scoring chances they create, these three stands out from all the rest. We recently sat down and spent a few minutes right before their preparation for the championship game against Cherokee.

What would you say has been the high point of year careers here at Eastern?

All three, in sync, said “Beating Clearview last year to win the championship was definitely their high point, being the underdogs and coming out on top made it special.”

Any low points? Sullivan, without hesitation stated, “Sophomore year, losing to Cinnaminson 7-1 at home in the playoffs really hurt, Tunstall agreed, but Orner, had already erased that from his memory bank.”

Being undefeated and playing for your second consecutive title are great accomplishments, was last year tougher? Again, in unison, “Last year was harder. There were more talented teams, which created more competition. This year we feel that if we play our game, it will be hard to beat us.”

Is there any one goalie that gives you guys fits?

Orner, without hesitation said, “Dan Myers in practice is the toughest goalie we face. He is the best in the league and we go against him all the time.” Sullivan and Tunstall agreed facing Myers was a challenge.

Is there any particular player you patterned your game after, or looked up to?

Sullivan mentioned Mike Cinafrani was the person he wanted to play like while both Orner and Tunstall, jokingly and admirably, said Sullivan was the guy they wanted to be like.

It seems when people talk about Eastern, they mention Orner and Sullivan and forget about Tunstall. Yet Sullivan and Tunstall have been playing roller hockey together for years. Although Brandon said it did not bother him, Orner felt it did and Brandon responded, “As long as the team wins, I don’t care.” Sounds like good parenting, as most of the support comes from the parents, and after every game, Brandon’s dad is there to greet him and offer words of encouragement and love.

Most people would agree that Eastern has had the best goaltender and the top line for the last two years and has captured their second consecutive title. Now that the season has ended, all SJHSIHL coaches are happy that they are graduating.

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