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Eastern Wins The Battle Of Heavyweights Against Lenape

Saturday, February 7, 2004

By Anthony Phillips
SJSports Special Correspondent

It was a match that featured two successful wrestling teams filled with winning and undefeated records from both teams. The battle of unbeaten featured Lenape’s Doug Umbehauer and Eastern’s Anthony Orio at the 215 bout and Lenape’s Zeb Davis putting his clean record in jeopardy against Phil Trautwein. Each match was as important as the heavyweights and each match was not as easy as it looked. During today’s competition, Eastern won their first 4 matches then jumped out to a comfortable 23-9 lead. Lenape would get within 5 points before the last two matches, but a pin by Eastern’s Nick Orio during the 140 bout sealed the 35-21 victory and claim at least a share of the Olympic Conference American Division championship title.

After Shaun Newcomer, Scott Giffin, Kevin Woods and Jake Cornely pushed the Vikings to a 15-0 lead, Lenape would win the next two bouts to give them something to cheer about. Those matches featured Umbehauer and Orio looking for the right time to give their other opponent their first loss of the season. The same goes for the heavyweights Davis keeping his record clean against Trautwein. Lenape’s Umbehauer won 4-2 and Davis won in double overtime to cut the lead to 15-6.

Next up were the little guys with big responsibility of keeping their team ahead or getting them back into this match. The Indians would rebound after Eastern was forced to retire the 130 bout due to an injury default and a forfeit of the next match. That brought the score to 26-21, but what turned this match around was Nick Orio pinning Billy McNally. The Vikings would keep their division record undefeated and hand Lenape their first divisional loss of the season.

Photos by Art Redd

152 - Eastern's Shaun Newcomer won a 6-3 decision over Josh Taylor

160 - Eastern's Scott Giffin recorded an injury default against Adam Winegar

171 - Eastern's Kevin Woods won a 7-5 decision over Corey McClenan

189 - Eastern's Jake Cornely won a 4-2 decision over Tyler Cram

215 - Lenape's Doug Umbehauer won an overtime 4-2 decision over Anthony Orio

Hwt - Lenape's Zeb Davis recorded a double overtime 3-2 decision against Phil Trautwein

103 - Eastern's Charles Golden won a 13-4 decision over Kyle Bahm

112 - Eastern's Derrick Sharp won a 14-3 decision over Richard Alston

119 - Lenape's Aaron Gormley won a 9-2 decision over Paul Lipkin

125 - Eastern's Doug Sharp won a 5-4 decision over Ricardo Alston

130 - Lenape's Scott Minuto recorded an injury default against Brandon Woods

140 - Eastern's Nick Orio pinned Billy McNally in the second period

145 - Eastern's Andrew Coles won a 7-1 decision over Justin Perry

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