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Edgewood Ice Hockey Looks To Pick Up Where They Left Off

By Michael Cowart
SJSports Student Correspondent

The Edgewood ice hockey team has a long road ahead of them this season to make it to the playoffs. Last season the team blasted almost everyone they faced and surprised the entire league by making it to the playoffs for the first time in four years. In fact, they made it all the way to the semi-final round where they lost to Shawnee, who would eventually go on to win the championship.

Now a new season has started and the team is looking to improve even further and with any luck, win it all. At the start of the season, luck wasn't exactly on their side. The team has just come off an outstanding preseason. With a record of 2-1-1, it seemed like the Eagles were picking up where they left off last season. Then came the regular season and their first opponent, Lenape.

The team seemed more than ready for their first regular season game. The lineup for that game included seniors Joe Henley and Dave Valentino, juniors Mike Glick and new captain Mark Green, and new members Dom Susini, Scott Warner, Scott Phelan, and Ray Bickford. In goal was, like last season, senior Chris Troendle, who allowed only seven goals in 36 shots during the preseason.

Sadly, the Eagles weren't quite as ready as they seemed. Lenape came, saw, and conquered with a shut-out of 8-0. A week later, they lost to Eastern by a score of 8-6. Then, out of nowhere, the team began playing like they were expected to. Their next opponent was rookie team Collingswood, who they demolished 13-0. Then they played Clearview who they beat 3-0. Last Tuesday, they played fellow tier #2 team, Cinnaminson, who they defeated with a whopping score of 9-0. They've had trouble in the beginning of the season, but they seem to have their act together now.

Nevertheless, the ice hockey team still needs to work out the remaining imperfections, but focus their attention on defense. "Offense wins games, but defense wins championships," comments Coach and former Edgewood French teacher Dr. Jack McMullin. "They've got confidence and they play together well as a team," he adds.

The ice hockey club has definitely got what it takes to make it all the way to the top. Their current record is now 4-3. With a couple more serious practices and a couple more games behind them, they should be even better than last season.

DISCLAIMER: Ice hockey is a community based organization that is composed of Edgewood Senior students. Ice hockey is not a sport that is sanctioned by the NJSIDA, nor is it funded by or affiliated with the LCCRHSD#1.

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