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Edgewood Has A Tough Act To Follow

By Sean Keegan
SJSports Student Correspondent

As the winter sports season begins, this year's Edgewood Wrestling team has a tough act to follow. Last year's prosperous results leave a gymnasium full of fans with high hopes, and a team hurt by graduation. The loss of Matt Simone, Bill Pizzuto, and Josh Andruzzi to graduation and Darnell Scott and Wesley Roach to Overbrook and Cherokee respectively, produce a roster that would appear weaker than last year.

However, this Edgewood team cannot be overlooked. The early records of returning superstars Dave Gatto (8-0), Chris Catania (8-1), and captain Bob Pizzuto (7-1) are motivating this young team to compete in this very difficult conference. The Eagles are getting big wins from Derek Shaffer and Ken Kenopka, and from new-comer Lee Miniti. They also have high hopes for Andrew Coumo and veteran Dan Simone (1-0), both returning recently from injuries.

This team is headed by an excellent coaching staff and an enthusiastic crowd. And so far, they are of to a good start. They placed 5th in the preseason tournament and are presently 4-2 with losses to Williamstown (37-26) and Cherokee. This Edgewood team is determined to achieve the best results that they can.

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